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Aeolian Organ Opus 1458 and other Videos.

First Posting on YouTube - Paul plays a Victor Herbert Medley.

Second Posting on YouTube - Here Paul plays an original composition "Weston-super-Mare March".

Third Posting on YouTube - This time it's a medley called "Three Snappy Numbers".
3 well known tunes - "Anything Goes", "I Wanna Be Loved By You" and "Crazy Rhythm".

Forth Posting on YouTube - William C. Polla's 1927 tune "Dancing Tambourine".

Fifth Posting on YouTube - A popular 1916 number first heard in the Broadway
show "The Big Show" entitled "Poor Butterfly" - Music written by Raymond Hubbell.

Sixth Posting on YouTube - A Medley Of Ballads.

Seventh Posting on YouTube - A Gershwin Medley.

Eighth Posting on YouTube - Paul Plays Spurden Rutt "Organestra"

Ninth Posting on YouTube - Organ and Piano Medley

Tenth Posting on YouTube - Paul plays some "Sounds from the Cinemas"

Eleventh Posting on YouTube - "Suite Of Seranades"

Twelfth Posting on YouTube - "A Deed Of The Pen"

Thirteenth Posting on YouTube - "West Of England March"
An original composistion by Paul Morris - one of his "West Country Marches"

Forteenth Posting on YouTube - "Concertola Dinner Party"

Fifteenth Posting on YouTube - "Organ Tour Part 1"